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       Established in 1992, Huawei Pharmaceutical Group is a joint venture affiliated to National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China (the original Ministry of Health P. R. China). In the initial period of founding, it only guaranteed the pharmaceutical security of the Leading Cadre and various ministries and commissions. After over 2 decades of development, it has engaged in 4 major fields, including medicine sales, medical consulting, pharmaceutical consulting and new product technology development to urge the health undertaking of the Chinese people, medical and healthcare services and international exchanges, so as to strive for the great goal of Healthy China.


Founded in 1992


After 29 years of development


4 business development sectors

Past leadership

1991-2000 Chairman, legal person
Cao Ronggui
Cao Ronggui,
Deputy Direct General of the Ministry of Health
2000-2006 Chairman, legal person
Xue Xiaolin
Xue Xiaolin,
Direct General
2006-2012 Chairman, legal person
Ma Aining
Ma Aining,
Direct General
2012-Present Chairman, legal person
Guan Qingwei

Guan Qingwei

Social relation:Member of the Chinese Peasants and Works Democratic Party

Social position: Member of the Chinese Neuromodulation Society (CNMS)

Member of the First Standing Committee of the Chinese International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care, Deputy Director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Promotion Project of the National Comprehensive Hospital of Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Development Center




Company Mission
  • Become an integrator, innovator and sharer in the field of Chinese Massive Health and serve our customers in health wholeheartedly

Development history

Registration of Beijing Huawei Industrial Corporation in 1992
In 2001, the nature of the company changed from collective ownership to ownership by the whole people
New business scope in 2011: Sales of chemical APIs, western medicine preparations, biological preparations, Chinese patent medicines and medical devices.
In 2012, Guan Qingwei served as chairman
In 2015, the registered capital increased to build strength for future development
In 2016, the International Department was established to carry out cooperation and exchanges in Japan's overseas markets.
In 2017, the promotion project of traditional Chinese medicine in national general hospitals was launched
The first Sino Japanese medical and health exchange conference will be held in 2018
In 2019, the company changed into a group
The second China Japan medical and health exchange conference will be held in 2020
In 2021, the three medical mutual health fund and drug comprehensive evaluation center were established

Organizing the 2022 (third) China Japan medical and Health Exchange Conference

Mobile phone


ADD:2812/2815/2816/2817, Nanyin building, No. 2, East Third Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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